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Openings presents our 2020 Fall Exhibit


Collective Pause


For our Fall Exhibit artists responded to this question:

How are you, as an artist, navigating, persisting, and engaging with the challenges of a global pandemic, social & political upheavals, and the struggle for justice? In your creative effort to discern the boundary between relevancy and distraction how are you cultivating and expressing the notion of a “collective pause”?

In a changed world our fall show will be a bold experiment: artists are invited to paint ephemeral murals that will be left exposed and vulnerable to the elements and the city. The exhibit will be displayed on the fence on the 60th Street side of the Church of St. Paul the Apostle.  

Artists featured include: 

Kayo Shido, Robert Aitchison, Sarah Crofts, Meg Graham, Leah Huang,

Iliyan Ivanov, Debra Jenks, Marshall LaCount, Eric Jiaju Lee, Emily Long, Elim Mak, Brittany Maldonado, Maria Maxime, Norma Markley, Lori Merhige, Erin McAtee, Brittany Miller, Ellie Murphy, Hilary Opperman, Denise Penizzotto, Oksana Prokopenko, Frank Sabatté, Anthony Santella, Zach Seeger, Rosemary Taylor, James Vanderberg


October 18th- December 3, 2020

Reception: Sunday Oct. 18th   1-3pm  

Exhibit curated by Jenn Cacciola, Anthony Santella, Nikki Schiro, Robert Aitchison, Frank Sabatté.


Take a Walk Through the Exhibition


Click the images for more details!
Photos provided by Keena Gonzalez

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