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2012 Solo Exhibitions

Taryn Longo
Taryn Longo
Taryn Longo

“Nirguna, Images of Ecstasy and Transcendence from India”

The photography of Taryn Longo

Openings Art Space

November 3 - December 5

Curator: Frank Sabatté


In the 15th century India a spiritual master known as Kabir chose to convey his teachings in verse. His poems are still sung as bhajans or devotional songs by folk singers and classical maestros alike. Kabir was a proponent of Nirguna worship. Nirguna, (literally without quality) refers to an experience of the Divine as the formless, all-pervading Source of everything.  Kabir's poems insist that God is within everyone and everything, dismissing the priests and clerics, the scholars and pundits. Kabir was a weaver, it is said that he would sit at his loom and sing out his ecstatic verse for whoever was present. In today's world still filled with religious extremism and new age spiritual promiscuity, Kabir's voice is as strong as ever. He urges us again and again to wake up and experience the Truth within ourselves.

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