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2010 Solo Exhibitions


A Collection of Spirit

Drawings by Marcus Spearman

The Openings Art Space

November 28, 2009 - January 5, 2010

Curator: Robert Aichison

Sense of Place

The photographs of Alexandra Gomez

The Openings Art Space

May 4 - June 8

Many Eyed Seraph
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Guillermo Esparza

Arcanum Angelorum (Mystery of the Angels)

The Art of Guillermo Esparza

Church of St. Paul the Apostle

May 4 - June 7


According to early Christian history, the tradition of iconography was established approximately 1,000 years before the Renaissance. It is based on golden-mean proportions and related geometry, Byzantine modules, exact anatomy, inverted perspective, and perspective perspective. In my works, I strive to preserve the traditions of the medieval painters. What inspires me is light penetrating transparent colors of egg tempera, reflecting back from the gesso ground. In sculpture, it is the super emanating light coming from white marble, reflecting the heart of the shellfish: fiat lux.

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